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Cllr Rosemarie Connole

Cllr Rosemarie Connole

First Signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office:


I am the newest member of Laneham Parish Council and feel it is important that you know a little about me.

I have worked in education for forty years in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and I am passionate that learning is lifelong. I am sure that I will now be on an upward learning curve, as I get to grips with my new role so that I can fulfill the role to benefit Laneham residents.

My partner and I have two children and five grandchildren, and also find time for adventure in our caravan so that we can walk in the countryside.

I think this difficult year, has given me time for reflection and to engage more closely with my immediate environment, therefore I volunteered for Parish Council duty. I would welcome your views on how we can work to support and improve our villages and enhance the experience of residents as I feel there is much to be very proud of.