Laneham Parish Council

Serving the people of Laneham

Clerk: Ed Knox
24 Allison Avenue, Retford
Nottinghamshire DN22 7JS

Tel: 01777 711579

Cllr Phil Beckett (Vice-Chair)

Cllr Phil Beckett (Vice-Chair)

Date First Signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office: 07/05/2019

Best described as a retired teacher. As with most retired people I wondered how I fit my full time job in!

I worked in three very different schools during my career, one rural Comprehensive, an Independent school and a selective Boys Grammar School (yes they do still exist). I still work a little as a Moderator for coursework at one of the major exam boards, which involves visiting schools and checking the quality of their student's IT work. I also volunteer with the UK Maths Trust which normally runs a variety of Maths activities including travelling around the country to run team Challenge events. My family consists of Cathy (another retired teacher), Rosie a structural engineer who works in London and Jonathan a teacher in an Oxford College. Whilst writing this version I am supposed to be preparing to play in the Nation Chess League will probably end up winging it as usual.